The Alternative to stagnation is not growth. It’s balance.

Your body is constantly seeking equilibrium. Always. It’s good at overcompensating one overworked body part by supporting the other. Sometimes, when there’s been excessive exertion in one area, placing the entire system at risk, your body will shut down in order to get your attention. What it needs is for you to readjust your energy input or output, to stop for a moment and reconsider your options before ramping up.
Just like water seeks its own level, so do you.
It’s not a stretch to assume then, all things being equal, that your current situation is a direct result of how effectively and efficiently you’ve been able to allocate your resources in order to achieve your desired outcomes.
You’re stagnating because something wrong had happened in the reallocation department.
Stagnation is the symptom- not the cause.
To be stagnant suggests previous growth, some prior activity that has now come to a sudden halt. It’s not necessarily a renewed growth plan that’s needed when this happens, it’s a new perceptive.
Stagnation can be a gift. It’s an opportunity to reassess your focus, your energy, and your effort.
So no… you’re not regressing, you’re retuning. Now is not the time to charge, it’s time you recharge.
What you’re looking for is not growth, it’s balance.